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Flying from
Headcorn & Sywell
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Why Fly In A Spitfire At Headcorn?

Why Fly In A Spitfire At Headcorn? Operating their Spitfire experiences from Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent puts aerolegends.co.uk and their customers in a very fortunate position. They can experience affordable, genuine flights in Battle Of Britain airspace with views of the iconic English channel coastline. At Headcorn there are no severe flying height restrictions, so customers can experience a whole raft of classic Spitfire flight manoeuvres. Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar are the other operator in the South East of England, but their Spitfire flights have a height limit due to their location within London's TMA height restrictions. Both operators offer you an amazing flight in a T9 two seater Spitfire trainer. However, a little investigation shows us that because of Headcorn Aerodrome's location, Aerolegends.co.uk can offer a far more exhilarating flight in a Spitfire without a restriction on manoeuvres, with views of the iconic Kent, English Channel coastline. From Biggin Hill you will need to pay for a long transit flight to escape London's low height restriction and enjoy Spitfire aerobatics or to reach the English Channel coastline.

This public video below is from one of our 2016 customers, using the on-board video system:



This public video below is from a 2016 Biggin Hill customer, using their on-board video system:

What our customers say
I would like to thank you all for such a wonderful day on the 28th July when my husband Andrew had his flight in the Spitfire. This was a surprise birthday present for him & I really couldn't have asked for anything more to make his day special, even the weather was perfect! Every team member that we met were polite, friendly and very accessible which all helped to make us feel welcome. Our family were able to enjoy the whole experience, especially as there were so many other things going on at the airfield during the day for them to watch. Lorraine Vidler - Flight In A Spitfire
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