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Flying from
Headcorn & Sywell
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About Us

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What our customers say
A big thank you to all at Aero Legends for making my dreams come true & for making my experience very special.
Flying in a Spitfire is an experience you will never forget. The controls fly the aircraft with precision as you feel the G-forces pressing your body. Hard to believe the aircraft is over 80 years old by design yet still represents a very high performance. Put on your flight suit and boots, get your safety briefing, design and plan your WW2 flight experience with your Spitfire pilot - then reach for skies. Dave H - Flight in a Spitfire
Contact Us
If you would like to find out more about Aero Legends Battle of Britain Flight Experiences, Corporate Hospitality Days, Pilot Training and what we can do for your business event.
Please complete the form and one of our pilots will call or email back to your enquiry.